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(3) 15-Pak Single-Serving Stick Pouches
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(3) 15-Pak Single-Serving Stick Pouches

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  • Convenience for on-the-go!
  • 45 Individual Servings
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Shake Me

into 16 oz of water

Blend Me

into a smoothie

Our Cardio Miracle formula is the result of years of Nitric Oxide research using both L-Argenine and nitrate/nitrite pathways to stimulate Nitric Oxide production.

What Our Customers are Saying

"Cardio Miracle is the ONLY supplement my wife and I take every day. The formula is superior to anything I have ever seen in the market. Cardio Miracle is a critical part of my prevention efforts to fight genetics and the stress and challenges of life."
Dr. Brad Nelson - Author, "The Emotion Code"
"I was introduced to Cardio Miracle several years ago while at Hippocrates Institute. Having been trained as a biochemist at Harvard and Cambridge I was skeptical, but I personally saw significent improvements in my health. I take it every day and recommed to fellow professionals and patients."
Dr. Joshua Helman - Emergency Medician Physician
"I was recommended to Cardio Miracle five years ago. My personal results have been remarkable in many areas. I am going strong at 88, with Cardio Miracle contributing greatly to my health and my ability to continue my busy schedule. I highly recommend."
G. Edward Griffin - Author ."World without Cancer","The Creature from Jekyll Island"
"I've been doing triathlons for 15 years. I've been taking Cardio Miracle for about four or five years. From the first time I took it, I felt an immediate difference in my endurance and the ability to keep pushing through a workout. I just love the product."
Clark Bayles, Triathlete
"I started taking Cardio Miracle before a workout. I had an immediate result and my overall health improved! Thank you Cardio Miracle."
Marci Campbell, PH.D.
"I've had great results from Cardio Miracle. My RECOVERY IS BETTER and my overall health. I KNEW this was something I wanted to have my loved ones on."
Jason Buck, Retired College Football All-American, Superbowl Champion