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Keith Clearwater

2x PGA Tour Winner
Cardio Miracle Brand Ambassador

“Cardio Miracle is a complete game changer for the professional athlete or the weekend warrior.
I've experienced better blood flow, oxygenation, stamina and overall cellular health, which has impacted every step of my day.”

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John Hewlett

Founder and Formulator, Cardio Miracle

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John Hewlett is the Founder and Formulator of Cardio Miracle. He created Cardio Miracle in order to help heal the hearts of his fellow man. In fact, had it not been for his own personal experience with a nitric oxide boosting supplement, he may not have survived to share his story and later develop the finest nitric oxide supplement on the planet.

In 2007, Hewlett narrowly survived complications from an emergency appendectomy. The surgery and subsequent complications including internal bleeding from a nicked vein ultimately impacted his own genetic and emerging cardiovascular issues. While hospitalized in critical condition, the doctors recommended heart bypass surgery following multiple complications from the appendectomy, and he knew that it was time to search for natural alternatives.

This brush with death launched Hewlett on his quest to discover natural and effective ways to improve his cardiovascular and overall health. His pursuit eventually led him to a fascination with nitric oxide, and to leave his multi-million-dollar financial profession to advocate for nitric oxide during the past 16 years. In 2013, after several years of marketing and researching nitric oxide options, he determined that formulating his own product, with the latest science and organic and food based ingredients, was necessary to create the finest nitric oxide supplement in the world. Due to his own personal miracle, and because nitric oxide had been called “the miracle molecule” in leading medical and scientific periodicals, he decided to call his decade-plus masterpiece, CARDIO MIRACLE. Hewlett believed that the ingredients he had carefully researched and formulated would stimulate and express safe, sustained nitric oxide in the vasculature of the human body. Hewlett has dedicated his life to sharing the nitric oxide discovery and the Cardio Miracle formulation with those who are suffering from disease and health-ravaging effects from the loss of nitric oxide. He considers this his life’s calling and mission—to help people overcome disease and enjoy life to the fullest.

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