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90-Serving Cardio Miracle Pouch NEW

90-Serving Cardio Miracle Pouch NEW

90-Servings of Cardio Miracle (45-day supply at recommended dosage of two scoops, twice daily).
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Try Cardio Miracle for 60 days, and if you don’t feel better or see a difference, we will give you your money back! It’s a happiness guarantee that is unconditional. If you take Cardio Miracle faithfully 2 servings, 4 scoops a day, and you don’t like the results, we will refund your purchase. Shipping Excluded.

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Cardio Miracle Benefits

Supports Physical Energy

Supports Immunity

Supports Recovery

Supports Mental Clarity

Customer Reviews


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Scott Barwick


I like the 90-day canister concept, because it gives me enough servings that I don't have to stress about keeping up with my monthly regimen. The container is tough enough to survive flights from the east coast to the west coast.

Virginia Mayville


I feel energetic all day long.... no crash no feeling tired just continued energy. 1 glass in the morning... 1 glass at lunch time... love the taste!

Stephanie Reynolds


My husband and I love this stuff! We feel so energetic and up beat ! We have so much more energy it’s wonderful!



I can honestly say this is my Cardio Miracle story. I began taking this February 7, 2023. It has greatly improved my health concerns. About 4 weeks ago my miracle came regarding my circulation problems. I stand in awe of how my feet are getting back to normal. I just gaze at them. Even though it took awhile for my body to see my miracle, I am glad I stayed committed in taking it. However, I do wish it was more cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit to me in Cardio Miracle’s change from canisters to soft pouches?

Canisters can be bulky, for the customer and for shipping. As a result, we shifted to a new manufacturer. It seemed a perfect time to also shift our packaging from canister to soft pouch. This made sense for several reasons.

Carbon Footprint
Canisters contain more plastic, and leave much more waste. By switching to a soft pouch, we reduce our carbon footprint, as well as the cost of delivering Cardio Miracle to your door.

New Formula
The change to Organic Monk Fruit and Stevia, and the addition of Lion's Mane, Glutathione and NAC have enhanced the ability for healthier outcomes taking Cardio Miracle. The switch to Monk Fruit from Erythritol has also reduced the volume of our powdered blend.

The soft pouch is a much more efficient package for our new formula and packs an even more powerful punch but in a smaller serving of 10.5 grams instead of 10.7 grams.

New Scoop
Our new packaging also inspired a smaller scoop, which provides exactly a half a serving. Now, instead of one scoop in the morning and evening, the new scoop is two scoops in the morning and two in the evening, but customers still get the same total servings per package as the canisters.

No Cracks, Easy for Travel
The hard canister can break if dropped, but the new soft pouch will not. The soft pouch is also much easier for travel, and can easily fit in a carry on or suitcase.

Why haven't I heard more about nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide’s first prominent history dates back to dynamite and nitroglycerin. Researchers of nitric oxide were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998 for the discovery of nitric oxide as “the signaling molecule for the entire cardiovascular system.” Nitric oxide is stimulated by arginine, other amino acids, green vegetables, and exotic fruits. Thousands of studies in recent years now address the importance of nitric oxide.

Does Cardio Miracle cost more than other online nitric oxide products?

At face value it does. Price versus cost is always an important qualification of value to the consumer. You often get what you pay for with products and services. Cardio Miracle uses the finest organic and natural ingredients and has over 50 ingredients to support its proprietary dual pathway nitric oxide delivery. It also delivers antioxidants, antiinflammatories, and other ingredients to contribute to the body’s health. Cardio Miracle’s 60-day money back guarantee on your satisfaction is second to none. In addition, Cardio Miracle is the only nitric oxide product that has been proven to create nitric oxide at the cellular level in the laboratory of Professor Dr. Tadeusz Malinski from the University of Ohio.

How often should I be drinking Cardio Miracle?

The recommended daily serving is 2 servings per day. Take your first serving on an empty stomach in the morning, and follow up with a second serving the afternoon or evening. People looking for faster results or participating in strenuous activity can take more servings as needed.

Is there anything I shouldn't mix with Cardio Miracle?

For best results it should not be directly combined with protein. Protein competes with absorption in the gut. Simply take a scoop first thing in the morning and have heavy protein (shakes, bacon, eggs, etc) at least 30 minutes later. A couple grams of protein mixed with Cardio Miracle in a serving is fine.

I have a sensitive stomach and get nauseous easily. How do I still enjoy Cardio Miracle without that feeling?

Try eating some carbs with your Cardio Miracle morning dose like toast or cereal. That way your empty stomach has something to work with while you get moving in the morning. Feel free to reach out to our Member Services team who are happy to assist. 1-800-663-0158

What if I don't FEEL anything happening in my body?

Well, there is good news. One reason for this is you may be a healthy person who has followed a path of health, and that is one reason to continue taking nitric oxide to benefit your overall well-being. Much of nitric oxide's purpose in the body cannot be measured. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, so it operates on an cellular level to support the body’s intricate balance, helping arteries sustain youth and flexibility. Nitric oxide actually helps support all systems of the body, even when you may not feel it. That's why it is important to take the recommended serving size of two servings a day to get the best benefits out of Cardio Miracle's natural and daily nitric oxide production.

Is nitric oxide an ingredient in Cardio Miracle?

Great question! Nitric oxide is NOT a stand-alone ingredient. Rather, nitric oxide is a gas molecule that is produced by your body (in the inner walls of every blood vessel called your endothelium) when a certain combination of amino acids are present. The 3 main amino acids in the Cardio Miracle formula that help stimulate nitric oxide production are: L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Ornithine.

What are some things I might experience upon starting CM?

Each person's experience on our product is different. While we can't speak to your body's specific checks and balances, we did formulate Cardio Miracle to produce daily nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has been studied and proven as a most effective vasodilator, which expands and contracts your arteries. This allows blood to flow more effectively in and out of the heart, providing a better chance for all your veins, capillaries and arteries to get necessary oxygenation. Customers have reported "feeling better overall" "more energy" as well as "less brain fog." Many just say they “can’t live without it!” Listen to your body and pay attention to how you feel. You can start slow, you can start with the recommended serving size. Do what’s best for YOU. We always recommend you consult with a trusted health professional regarding other concerns.

Why does my canister seem less full?

Cardio Miracle is dedicated to creating the best nitric oxide supplement in the world. That means we are continuously evaluating, investigating, adding and subtracting ingredients as a way to always improve. It also means sometimes less is better. Our recent shift from Erythritol to Organic Monk Fruit and Stevia requires less volume to produce, which means we have less density to our formula. Even adding three new ingredients -- Glutathione, Lion’s Mane and NAC -- we still have less volume in our finished product. Combined with settling, the result is more space in the canister. More space, more quality.

What is Cardio Miracle sweetened with?

Originally, Cardio Miracle was sweetened with Erythritol because it was the best option as a low-glycemic-type sweetener and it worked for everyone, including those with diabetes.

Recently, we discovered by shifting from Erythritol to Organic Monk Fruit and Stevia, Cardio Miracle’s results were even better. Combined with organic blackberry and raspberry flavors, and topped off with a hint of vanilla, the organic fruits and vegetables blend for a more refreshing taste. We think you’ll love it even more!

What if I don't like the taste, how can I improve it?

Cardio Miracle is wonderfully adaptive and mixes well with other beverages. Choose your favorites, the possibilities are endless!

Too sweet? Add a little apple cider vinegar, maybe orange, lemon or grapefruit juice. Want a little tang? Blend it with mango juice, topped off with a little sparkling water as a refresher.

Want to offset the bitterness of your greens with a little sweetness? Blend Cardio Miracle as a sweetener for your green drink. For a more subtle taste, blend half water/half juice, or just fresh lemon juice or mint, or even a splash of your favorite dairy or nut milk to make it a creamsicle.

Note: Protein is less effective as a mixer because it competes with the L-arginine absorption pathway. For best performance, wait 30 minutes after your protein drink to enjoy Cardio Miracle.

What is the value of Cardio Miracle over buying these ingredients separately?

It would take an entire cupboard to hold all the quality ingredients Cardio Miracle packs into one serving! By premixing quality ingredients for you into an easy-to-use powder, you can achieve the healthy outcomes associated with nitric oxide. You would need 80 capsules for the same ingredients, but still wouldn’t achieve the bioavailability and absorbability that make Cardio Miracle effective. We are the fastest way to increase nitric oxide in your body.

Mix two scoops into a pleasant drink and you get the best bioavailability of the finest formula at the best price. Cost for the same ingredients in a capsule? $10 a serving. Cardio Miracle? About $1.32 per serving. Cardio Miracle wins hands down!

I have not received my product yet, what can I do?

For updates on shipping, call our customer service at 1.800.663.0158, and we will replace it if it is lost or stolen.

How does Cardio Miracle help with a balanced sleep cycle?

Cardio Miracle contains ingredients that can help stimulate melatonin which enhances sleep. Increased oxygen flow as a result of more nitric oxide production during the day can also improve the body’s metabolic functions which helps the body fall into deeper sleep.

Many of our customers report less middle-of-the-night bathroom visits, which means less interruptions and more solid sleep. Of course poor diet, high caffeine or sugar and chocolate intake, bad mattress or pillows and sleeping in a hot room can all contribute to disrupted sleep.

Better blood flood, better lymphatic, better elimination of waste and reduction of inflammation will all help the body sleep.

Pro Tip: Many have experienced better sleep by drinking Cardio Miracle just before bed with warm liquid -- drink a little less liquid than usual to prevent filling the bladder before sleep.

I noticed my blood pressure has been fluctuating since taking CM, why?

Imagine blowing up a balloon and then deflating it... the balloon will be stretched. The same applies to blood pressure. When blood pressure increases, it can inflame the arterial wall. If you are hypertensive and your blood pressure has been high, vessels are constricted which creates a smaller space for blood to flow through.

Nitric oxide’s discovery won the 1998 Nobel Prize for opening up or dilating damaged vessels and repairing them. Like a stretched balloon, it takes time for the vessels to return to a normal, or 'remodel' to a more healthy state.

Eventually, the inflammation and hypertension can be corrected, but like all healing states, situations often get worse before they get better. That’s because the issue is repairing the core problem which takes time to stabilize.

Why is the scoop smaller in my soft pouch?

The new scoop is exactly half of one serving. That way, if you want to do four small servings throughout the day, rather than two scoops in the morning and the afternoon, you can do so conveniently. The smaller scoop is also more harmonious with the new soft pouch and less likely to bulk.

What is Cardio Miracle's "risk-free" guarantee?

Try Cardio Miracle for 60 days, and in the unlikely chance you don’t feel better or see a difference, we will give you your money back! It’s an honesty guarantee that is unconditional. If you take Cardio Miracle faithfully 2 servings, 4 scoops a day, and you don't like the results, we will refund your purchase. If you did pay shipping, that doesn’t get refunded.

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